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Complications during fabrication lead to production delays, increased time and labor expense, resulting in decreased profitability. Inspecting, preparing and validating a PCB design prior to release to manufacturing will ease the transition of the design into production. PCB design preparation can eliminate delays by understanding the design complexities and fabrication requirements upfront. Having the design manufacturing-ready will result in increased efficiency, less risk of design re-spin, and most importantly, successful electronic products, built faster, at less cost.

We have an exhaustive list of design rule check points to ensure error free design output. All features are thoroughly checked for any violations before the board is taped out. Our complete validation process inculdes Minimum Air Gap, Minimum Trace, Open Trace/Dangling Traces, Power to ground short detection, Annular Ring Verification, Expose Trace, Fab-to-Gerber mismatch.


  • Import of common CAM and NC file formats and direct import of PCB designs in popular CAD formats
  • CAM editing to add or modify flashes, pads, polygons, lines, text or and teardrops
  • Netlist compare and export to IPC-D-356 and other formats
  • Convert draws to flashes, drawn polygons to rasterized polygons
  • Remove redundant data and clip silkscreen ink away from pads
  • Reverse engineering to convert unintelligent design data , such as Gerber to intelligent CAD data with parts, padstacks and nets


  • Downstream CAM350

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