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A focused approach to Signal Integrity Analysis affords you the most efficient and cost effective use of your time and budget.

As signal speeds increase, the quality and integrity of the PCB layout becomes increasingly critical for optimizing the performance of the system. Simulation and analysis can help to avoid the painful hours of debug in a lab to

find the source of bit errors, when you determine you have a noise problem. At the same time, SI simulation can prove to be time consuming and expensive. With our extensive experience in SI, we will work with you at the beginning of the design to mutually determine the practical level of simulation required for your specific board, to mitigate the risk. 

Simulations are performed with leading-edge SI software to ensure the board performance meets as expected. Multiple tools are used to perform a wide range of analysis tasks including 3D EM full-wave extraction, network analysis, channel analysis, AC power analysis and DC power analysis.

Whether your designs originate from Cadence, Altium, Mentor or any other system, they can be simulated by us. Even if you only have manufacturing artwork available (ODB++, Gerber, etc.) the design can be imported into our signal integrity tool-flow for analysis.

Supported interfaces

  1. Parallel bus interface compliance checks included for DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3, LPDDR4, GRAPHICS DDR5, HBM
  2. Serial Link compliance checks included for PCI Express® (PCIe® ) 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 SFP+, 10GBASE-KR, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, 100BASE-T1, SATA


  • Pre- and post-route high-speed signal integrity analysis and simulation
  • IBIS v5.0 model generation from Spectre and Hspice netlist, IBIS AMI Model generation.
  • 56Gbps SERDES transceivers interconnect extraction and simulations
  • Connector, Cable and PCB Interconnect model S parameter extraction with 3D FEM Solver
  • Signal integrity driven layer stacks and constraint generation
  • Reducing reflections and crosstalk for improved timing margins and emissions
  • Simultaneous switching noise considerations and design strategies
  • Component & system characterization, including full S-parameters, gain and noise figure optimization


  • Cadence Sigrity PowerSI & 3D-EM
  • Cadence Sigrity SystemSI for DDRx and SERDES Analysis
  • Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx SI and PI
  • ANSYS SiWave and HFSS

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