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We perform Electrical and Thermal Co-simulation analysis with FEA and CFD solvers to reduce design respins due to thermal failure.

Circuit board designers are constantly pushing heating and cooling boundaries with higher densities, as well as higher power in smaller packages. Thermal analysis is a key step to realizing and solving problems that might

arise from these new design features. To ensure you achieve reliable power delivery, our team provides efficient DC analysis for signoff of IC package and PCB designs, including electrical/thermal co-simulation to maximize accuracy. We also employ FEA + CFD solvers to solve system level thermal issues. Our technology quickly pinpoints excessive IR drop, along with areas of excess current density and thermal hotspots to minimize your design’s risk of field failure.

For PDN Analysis (AC Analysis) we provide fast and accurate full-wave electrical analysis of leading-edge IC packages and PCBs to overcome increasingly challenging design issues such as simultaneous switching noise (SSN), signal coupling, problematic decoupling capacitor implementations, and design regions that are under or over target voltage levels.


  • Conclusive IR drop analysis for the complete package and board power delivery system
  • Locate current and temperature hot spots to avoid risk of failure
  • Effective placement of cooling solution (fans, heatsinks) after performing Conduction+Convection analysis with our FEA+CFD solver
  • Fully assess decoupling capacitor strategies and verify placement effects
  • Evaluate electromagnetic coupling between geometries (planes, traces and vias)
  • Anticipate energy leaks with near and far-field radiation display to reduce downstream electromagnetic interference (EMI)/electromagnetic capability (EMC) challenges


  • Cadence Sigrity PowerDC
  • Mentor Hyperlynx PI

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