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WST specializes in leading-edge electronic product development. Our HW, PCB Design and Signal Integrity teams innovate, inspire and deliver next-generation solution to our clients. We build long-term relationships by consistently exceeding your expectations.

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About WST

WST is a multi-disciplinary electronic design team providing both circuit board and system level design expertise to clients ranging from startups to large multinational companies. 

WST provides high quality design, prototyping and full scale production services.

“WST is branded by its Expertise, Commitment and Intellect Design”


Build an Innovative company with a continuous commitment to customer success b delivering the highest quality


To partner with our clients to transform their innovative ideas into great products through reliable, high-quality service models.

what we do

electrical engineering

  • Product Feasibility Analysis
  • Design for high speed digital design.
  • Mixed digital/Analog circuits.
  • Conversion of Schematic across various EDA tools.
  • Product Cost and Technical trade-off analysis
  • Product Reliability analysis
  • Compliance and Regulatory management.

PCB Design services

  • HDI/High Speed Designs
  • Industry leading CAD Tools
  • High Speed Stackup Build support
  • Impedance controlled PCB Layout Design
  • High-speed SERDES: 40Gbps+ layout design
  • Wide memory interfaces (DDR3,4) routing
  • PCB Reverse Engineering


signal integrity

  • Signal quality: X-talk, Reflections, Timing, Eye diagram, BER.
  • Pre-Route and post-route Signal Integrity Analysis.
  • IBIS, IBIS-AMI Model creation.
  • Spice subckt and S parameter model extraction, TDR analysis
  • EMI and ESD compliance analysis.
  • Board and System Level Electrical Thermal Co-sim.
  • AC Impedance Decoupling Analysis

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(+91) 83004 92265